Perthshire Pride

Photos from the Pride Festival And Parade


On The Way To PRide

I'd met some cool people and had a great time while at the Pride event :-)

Meeting Alasdair Bailie

Took a selfie with the brilliant Scottish Labour Councillor Alasdair Bailie at Pride :-)

I was in the newspaper (AgaiN)

Here's the photo, with my signature pose :-)


Selfie From The Bank

Beautiful ceiling lighting, cutie with a choker, Pride was a fantastic event.

Facepaint & Fun

Watching the performing Drag Queens, getting a new visor and enjoying myself meeting people was great.

Selfie With Pete Wishart

Meeting Perthshire MP Pete Wishart for the first time was interesting, but cool at the same time :-)

Perthshire Pride's Drag queens

Skinnie minnie

Minnie's performance at Perthshire Pride was amazing, you could say Fabulous :-)
A fantastic Drag Queen from Playhaus Drag.

Tianah Tucker

Another fabulous performer and part of Gurlband, their dance ability is fantastic and it was pleasure to watch their act.

Krystal Versace

Introducing, the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 3): It's Krystal Versace :-)
Krystal rocked the stage at Perth Pride, and the crowd was roaring in admiration at this fabulous queen's act.


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