Glasgow ComicCon

Images Taken On 4/3/2023

Best Cosplayers

Superman Selfie

Looking amazing, fantastic cosplay and doing the best they can.

Nightwing Selfie

I was really happy to get a selfie with this amazing cosplayer, and loved talking with them.

Goku Selfie

A fantastic Dragon Ball cosplayer, their cosplay is well made and looks great.

Batman & Red Hood

Red hood

This cosplayer didn't give credit in their

Genshin Impact & Demon Slayer 


A cosplayer of Gorou from Genshin Impact, I've highlighted the colours in their cosplay.

The wanderer

A good Wanderer cosplayer.

Giyu Tomoika

A Fantastic & Good Looking Giyu cosplayer that I met at the Glasgow ComicCon. It was great talking to them.

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