Glasgow ACME ComicCon (Spring)

Photos From The Spring Edition Of ACME ComicCon (Glasgow 2024)



Quick selfie outside the TARDIS, then back to
travelling through time and space

Imperial Fleet

Joining forces with the dark side at ACME

Selfie With Sylvester Mccoy

Really enjoyed meeting Sylvester McCoy at ACME ComicCon.

Star Wars & Mandalorian

Death Trooper

Stealthy, intimidating, and ready to enforce
Imperial will – spotted a Death Trooper prowling
the floors at ACME ComicCon.

Din Djarin & A Purple Mando

Double trouble at ACME Comic Con: Ran into both
Din Djarin and a striking Purple Mandalorian! ????????
From the iconic hero to a unique twist.

Purple Mandalorian

I'd encountered a Mandalorian sporting stunning
purple armor at ACME ComicCon. Adding a
vibrant twist to the galaxy's toughest bounty

Pride Mandalorian

Spotted a Mandalorian rocking the armour with
Pride colours at ACME ComicCon.
Embracing diversity in the galaxy far, far away.

Imperial Scottish Garrison

A galaxy far, far away comes to ACME ComicCon!
Took a photo with the iconic Darth Vader and his
loyal troops, including a formidable Scout Trooper
and the Imperial Scottish Garrison's very own

More Cosplayers

Vault Dweller

Exploring ACME Comic Con and stumbled upon a
Vault Dweller straight out of the Wasteland!
Ready to brave the post-apocalyptic world in style.

UNSC Soldier

Bringing a little extra 'UNSC' flair to ACME

This Floofy Fox

They were incredibly cuddly and kind, would recommend you say hi if you see them :-)

Connor (DBH)

It was nice meeting Connor from Detroit: Become Human at ACME ComicCon. He truly is The Android sent by Cyberlife.

Spiderman & Uncle Ben

Swinging through ACME ComicCon with Spider-
Man and a nod to Uncle Ben.

Master chief & A UNSC Soldier

Master Chief and his trusty UNSC comrade, ready
to conquer ACME ComicCon!

Green Power Ranger

Just met the Green Power Ranger at ACME ComicCon! 
The energy and passion for the character were
truly stunning.

Kang (Judge Dredd)

Bringing justice to ACME ComicCon with Kang
from Judge Dredd! 
Ready to uphold the law in style.


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