Dundee ComicCon Photos

Cat Blanc & Bill

A Selfie With Me & A Mate

Optimus Prime & Bumblebee

The Event Organiser Ian Bonar Took The Photos,
Had To Help Him With Using The Camera. Overall
Fantastic Photos.
Got Photos Of Them At The Dundee
ComicCon, Fantastic People & Awesome Armour

Sonic The Hedgehog, Venti &
Tamaki Amajiki

Three good characters, all met at the Dundee

Deathmantle (World Of Warcraft)

Fantastic Cosplayer, Nice To Meet & Very Well Made Cosplay

Death Trooper (Red Marking)

Great Cosplay, Kept Following Me And Bill Around,
But Still Cool


two Stormtroopers Were On Patrol At Dundee

Death Trooper (Green Marking)

The Father Of The Smaller Death Trooper, Fun To
Talk To, Good Sense Of Humour & Awesome Cosplay

Tie Pilot

This Tie Pilot Is With The 501st Imperial Scottish

Ghostbusters & Slimer

The ghost hunting team were back at Dundee
ComicCon hunting for paranormal activity among
the people. Great work and cosplays.

Arno (Assassin's Creed)

Sneaking Through The Event Un-noticed Without Suspicion, Their Cosplay Looked Great!

Anakin Skywalker

Walking Through The Deserts Of Dundee
ComicCon, Anakin held their lightsaber high and
later pledged allegiance to the Sith, leading the 
501st Imperial Garrison
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