My Interests

Miraculous' Luka & Adrien Ship

I've always had a love for Adrien & Luka being a couple in the show, they'd be so cute together

Apple Tech

I am an avid Apple User, My main computers are an iMac Pro and a 2022 MacBook Pro (M2)
I currently have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, A 2020 iPad Pro With 2nd Gen Apple Pencil & An iPod touch (7th Gen) With My Name Engraved On The Back

The Labour Party

I've been voting Labour since I turned 16, and I hope they're the party to finally beat the Tories in an election


Just a character I like from Miraculous, His non-akumatised form is so cute


Cosplay is comfortable, cute and fun, My favourite cosplay is Cat Blanc.

The Last Man On Earth

My favourite show of all time, Phil, Carol, Todd & The Group :-)


A Certified 100% Cutie, he's the most adorable character of them all.

Doctor Who

My Favourite Doctor Incarnations Are The 9th & 10th Doctor, I've Even Got A 9th/10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver That Can Turn Off Televisions

The Hoosiers

I've been listening to them since 2007, they're my favourite band/artist, and I love listening to their tracks daily


Taking cute selfies and awesome pics of buildings, nature & ComicCons :-)

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